Poems by
Nishant Prashar

O My Innocent Love

a poem by Nishant Prashar

O my innocent love, how beautiful you are
Such a graceful beauty I haven’t seen so far

My eyes watch you quietly and my head has no say,
I remained a silent adorer till the day before yesterday

I do not know why you were gazing at me standing on the way,
The only thing I know is that I couldn’t recover back after that day

Perhaps you were thinking something else and didn’t mean what I thought
You may have done that unknowingly, but to me it really meant a lot

That careless look of yours has turned out to be someone’s nightmare
Someone’s world has been shaken to earth and about it you are little aware

That brief stare of you has driven me insane,
But still I want to feel your eyes again and again

I have become an addict of your eyes, but I wonder if you care,
O my love I am sure to die, if you deprived me of that stare

So even if you are not in love and for me you don’t strive,
Please continue to give me those smiles and looks, so that I can remain alive.