Poems by
Nishant Kumar

How I Wish!

a poem by Nishant Kumar

How I wish there were flowers all for me,
How I wish I were flying free,
How I wish my dreams would come true,
How I wish one I am looking for could be you.

The day I would find sun shining bright,
With no dark clouds depriving me the light,
The day that would do me the wonders,
And bring me up from down under.

The time when I’ll be able to breathe,
The fresh, sensual, intoxicating spring breeze,
The day my heart would sing,
It’ll happen soon so I think.

Help me, Hold me, bring me down,
I’m a beggar wishing a crown,
Don’t let me fly so high,
Don’t let me tell myself a lie.

Take my sleep away for I dare not dream,
Don’t let me be happy lest I should scream,
Spare me, don’t spare my thoughts and feeling,
For if you don’t, I’ll do the killing.

That’s what I’ve been doing all these years,
Laughing all the time behind my tears,
I can’t take it anymore,
But that’s what I’ve been, for sure.

I am destined to go down someday,
Still I feel happy and gay,
There would be nothing left in me,
To see things as they would be.

Time would cease to exist,
A melancholy would still persist,
Tearing my soul pieces apart,
Doing away with my life before I could start!