Poems by
Nidhi Tekwani

Future Fantasies

a poem by Nidhi Tekwani

A day in 2065 A.D
is what we can today foresee,
pampered by gifts of technology
life then will be so easy!

Life saving drugs
might help death to cease,
but what be the use?
when life itself be a disease.

A robot in every house
shall certainly become a must,
but how does man benefit,
when his skills are to rust?

With technology in their hands
nations might be titled as ‘superpowers’,
but what about the arms race,
which leaves behind those burns and scars?

Man made machines
because they are so useful,
but what happens,
when nuts and bolts emerge powerful?

When plastic homes
stand to shelter us,
clothes made of polywear
becomes the all famous fashion buzz!

When genetically grown food
in cans to eat
and oxygen cylinders rest on backs
to make the ends meet!

Animals become antiques and specimens,
in museums and laboratories.
with only skulls and bones remaining,
they’ll now be manufactured in factories!

Nature is now a dream
or a colourful imagination,
It has been sold to Science
to reach the ‘development’ destination!

This is what
our unpredictable future could be,
but we can make the ‘Change’
You and me!!!!!!!!!!