Poems by
Nicole swofford

Releasing My soul

a poem by Nicole swofford

You are still so much a part of me that I’m frightened by it.
Your influence is visible in so many aspects of my life.
My smile, encouraged by you, now shines through the tears.
You changed my life so much in such a short time.
With your help I’ve begun to feel good about myself.
I’ve told you so many reasons why I love you.
All were honest, but danced around the actual truth.
You changed me when I needed it the most.
You helped me to never lose sight of what I wanted or needed.
In your own way, you helped mold me into who I am,
and who I want to be.
I still love you, and hate that we’re apart.
But I don’t miss you.
For you are me.
And how can I miss myself?