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Fall in Love

a poem by Nice

The Moon has something to say to you…
So does the starry night
The Moonlight has bathed your Home…
just to say ‘its Right’.

The curtains Waltz with the cool Breeze light
while swaying trees invite you on a Fantasy Flight
Why dont you heed ..Oh ! ignorant…
Fall in LOVE……..yeah! Fall in LOVE!!

You wonder what to say……never knew what really happened
Was it a ‘First Sight’…if so, when did it happen
Its a sign indeed……a Voice of a HEART in need
Don’t ignore…Plant the seed
Fall in LOVE………yeah! Fall in LOVE!!

You wonder who he is
but know he sure is
the one to engulf your thoughts
and the one trying to invade your Dreams…( or so it seems ).

You also wonder
you are here, he is there
Who then whispers in your ear
Fall in LOVE……..yeah! Fall in LOVE!!

You get lost in his eyes
the looks that melts the ice
he impresses you.to your minds limits
a fact your heart too admits.

He makes you smile
He makes you laugh
For once,
Listen to your HEART, then
Fall in LOVE…….yeah! Fall in LOVE!!