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a poem by Neverlander

All Against, condemn at Birth,
Play the Game for it’s worth,
Soul-search with the edge of a knife,
Drag Dead Waters for signs of Life.

Dive Deep or drown in Air,
All Against, so unfair,
Devil, rise, hold Leper’s hand,
Need a crutch to understand.

Lord of Lies, fill this Hole!
Collateral? Take this soul.
Clean it out, of Yesterday,
Clean it out, and Live today.

Deep chasm of Time to bide,
Left All on the Other Side.
Archangel, what’s that you say?
“Make the Jump, or Waste Away!”

Leper’s Wings won’t catch the Air,
All Against, So Unfair,
Coward’s Courage won’t Suffice,
Too Selfish to Sacrifice.

One-way Trip to Crash and Burn,
Ticket punched, No Return.
Forked Tongue, what’s that you say?
“All’s Hellbound Anyway.”