Poems by
Neha Chauhan

Friends Forever

a poem by Neha Chauhan

That day, I clearly remember
It was my most special
That day the angels sang in my ears
The sweetest of all carols

It was twilight
And I was wholly exhausted
The burden of work and life on me
Was seeming unbounded

And then he came
It was, as always, a pleasant surprise
But that day he was a bit different
There was something special in his eyes

Then quite restlessly
He came up to me
His hands were cold
Sweat made his face gleam

Imagine this sturdy guy
Shivering so, both in soul and body
The slightest of sounds
Could have made him cry

Shimmering beads dripped down his brow
And his shaky voice
Set thoughts racing in my mind
Drowning each and every worldly noise

He then took a deep breath
Held my hands in his’
And in the softest pitch
Whispered those blissful lexis

So awestruck I was
Did not know what to do
Should I concur to what he said,
Or should I just say no?

He closed his eyes and stood there still
Awaiting my response
As though my words would determine
Will he stay in this world or will he be gone?

He had a spark
Even in his closed eyes
And at no cost
Did I want it to die

I was standing motionless
Thoughts flashed in my mind
I was getting so carried away
Like a leaf by the wind

Somehow I managed
To hold back it all
And made myself a bit tough
Trying not to make a fall

I pretended to be normal
Even though I was touched
To the depth of my heart
By the way he said he loved

“This world would never recognize
The purity of our soul
It always keeps a suspicious eye
On every boy and girl”

“I appreciate your truthfulness
And admire you from my heart
But in reality, my dear
We are two worlds apart”

“I make no commitment
And I don’t even want to lose you
I want you as my friend
In this life and coming ones too”

“I can’t do without you my friend
You mean so much to me
And none can keep us from being together
If we have each other in our destiny”

He listened to me so patiently
He was so understanding
Few pearl-drops trickled down our eyes
But seemed like it was raining

There was no agony behind those tears
They expressed pure love and delight
Both of us knew in our hearts deep down
We had each other as a friend for life.