Poems by
Natasha Cooper

A Diamond is forever

a poem by Natasha Cooper

The diamond whose story I tell,
Had a horrible life, worse than hell.
He was born as a small black piece of coal,
On his rough was a small spot like a mole.

He lived in a diamond mine,
Looking dull as all his relatives did shine.
For you see, they were diamonds beautiful and old,
Often taken by diamond collectors to be cut and sold
Whereas, he was ever so ugly and black,
In beauty, he did lack.

He was discarded and made to find another home,
Throughout the mine he did roam.
Until he found his place of rest,
A lonely place-but it was for the best.
There, he curled up and went to sleep, for years and a night.
When he awoke, he was a stone so bright!

He yelped with delight,and shouted with glee,
For now he clearly did see,
For hibernation had caused him to be,
A diamond so lovely, he couldn’t believe it was he.

The next day a diamond merchant came along,
He searched and searched, but all the diamonds he found were wrong!
He had to get the perfect diamond for a ring he had been commissioned to make,
He couldn’t back out now, as a lot was at stake.
At last he found the diamond of whom I write,
(He was embedded in the rock, very still and tight.)

The merchant was very stout,
And once he got in the cave, he could barely get out.
But at last,he celebrated his victory,
By handing the diamond to his employee.
He went back to his workshop-fast,
And shaped the diamond till it was as smooth as glass.

He then sent it to his factory,
Where it was placed at different angles till satisfactory.
Once glittering in a ring,
The diamond was so happy, it could sing!

Then he realised,being a piece of coal had not been a curse,
But a blessing in disguise,
For a diamond is forever and beautiful to everyone’s eyes.