Poems by
Narem Gupta

Time’s Up!

a poem by Narem Gupta

Brainless, moronic office ‘life’
Counting the minutes until release
Browse on the web or chat to a pal
Procrastinate over that thorny phone call
Email a buddy with some soft porn pics
Stick on the cans and watch a ‘funny’
Just another 31 years to go!

Fun, fabulous weekend life!
Beer in the bar on a Friday night!
Off to a club or party with your mates!
Getting lucky and staying overnight!
Escape home in the morning sore but cocky!
Refuel and then start again!
Another 5 years at most!

Long, strange, meandering life
Why am I me?
Does everyone else feel like this
But I’m still young
Hang on no I’m not
But I haven’t done everything yet
Tough! Time’s up
Here comes the reaper!