Poems by
Nandini Thakur

Why love hurts!

a poem by Nandini Thakur

Some say that love hurts, oh! I I know it does,
they say that if it doesn’t hurt, it isn’t love.

Do you really mean to hurt me, or
it is just an unintentionally done thing.
But why would you do it willingly,
because I know that you love me,
because I know that you care for me,
because I know that you cannot live without me.

But this is too much for me to bear,
sometimes I feel like ending all of it.
But then, all of a sudden I realise,
how much you mean to me,
how important a place you hold in my life.

A special place in my heart which only you can touch,
a place where I can go and feel you near me.
You’re my pride and I want to be yours,
there’s something special in the way you just fit into my life.

Love is not blind- it sees more not less
but because it sees more, it is willing to see less.
The darkness in me has fallen in love with the light in you,
and with all my heart, every moment, every day,
I love you, I love you and I love you.