Poems by
Nandakumar V

I Miss You

a poem by Nandakumar V

You just came as a dream of my life.
Yet it’s my fate that I have to stay away.
Oh, the days we were together!
We brought the heaven down to us.

It just a small letter you wrote me.
But it’s a part of my heart when I got it.
I can see that you are smiling to me.
The smile that took away my soul!

The words that you wrote,
A poem it turned out.
Yes, the poem we will live together.
My sweetheart when shall we meet?

Everyday you come to my dreams.
Sit next to me and take my hand into yours.
We sit like that for long.
Perhaps the day’s awakening fades you.

If it is this dream I am given,
Then I want to sleep forever.
Oh, I can’t live without you.
For every time I miss you so much.