Poems by
Namrata Basu

Canine Love

a poem by Namrata Basu

I saw him down the street
Sucking an ice-candy
Just near the ice-cream cart.
Gosh! he looked such a dandy.
I thought for a while
Whether to ask or not?
But then cowardly retreated
Assuming he might get hot!
Not to mention
I spent a sleepless night
Thinking what I might do the next day
Or what he might?
My turmoiled mind
Found solace
When I left it to fate
To decide our case.
The next morn’
I was out for a walk.
Oblivious of the previous night
And all set to begin a talk.
It was a warm day
And there he was feasting on a cake.
His fur coat gleaming in the sun,
His eyes as bright as a lake.
With all caution I proceeded.
It was to do or die.
So I decided to break the ice
With a mere friendly “Hi!”
As I neared him, he looked up to me
But I stood there like a goof.
Until he finally
Wagged his tail and gave me a friendly “woof”!