Poems by
Nagabhushan A


a poem by Nagabhushan A

Farmer is the nation’s backbone
Still he is a doll of bones and muscles
Everyone has their own values
But farmer does not have anything here
But the crop grown by him has value
Even the rate is not decided by him
On his name everyone has power
On reaching their goal treating like a slave
In the name of loan mela, they give credit
Farmer has a big line of debts
Farmer with his ploughs on back
Rules the nation then
Chanting his name now he has been
placed in the wheel
Always flows from his body the sweat and blood
If he neglects his duties we cannot live
On Leader do not squeeze him
If he turns back, you will be helpless
He has lost his home, land
By his curse you will lose your power
You Vultures, Awake now, be not late.