Poems by
Murugesh Babu

Dreams come true

a poem by Murugesh Babu

A dream I dream! It’s true
my weird dreams come true!

I beam and scream at
my stream of dreams
comes true;

Live or to be seemed but
thy the me at steam
glooms at dew!

Lie not, of a dead old chap
dreamt I, pandemonium
bound by!

“Well, it’s a mirage at nap”
left I cold; harmoniums
sound by!

Yells on a carriage swap;
shocked I, four days

Oh! my grandma passed away!
kept I yet so confidential

Myself to disclose while
had I yet another delusion;
A beloved

Neighbour discomforts me gently
Weird! Thy old next of kin from
paternal side

However decease and thus
meant the delusion of a dwell
patroned with fire

Oh! poor grandpa’s life departs as
whispered by the old chap at the next cell
believe it or not!

Paused a while my heart at
the gossip of a child tussling to
survive on lynching

Alas! his soul disappeared at last,
grief at the incident standing by
five hours behind my

Last virtual video of a lad;
faint kiss surrendered; yet lively on the
verge of his death

Besides with two more clothed dead
slain; bewildered I upon my cent
percent outcome

Over my dire reverie; dazed but threat
intensified for who would be the next
second victims!

With my spirit tearing to growing
fantasy beard, I drown myself upon the
dreadful sight of a

Dead couple, taken me back to the
third newest vision; stumbled I
thence with a vision,

“Good or bad! I hallucinate, my wicked
come to light but for my good”
hence to my laud,

Stood I visualize my last trance, flicked
“Ooh! I am breathing my last”
yes! the Lord of

Hell exterminate my years insolently!
“Ooh! I am no more on globe”
of course! oddly my

Soul passes away from the planet
oh! I sense outmoded that I am
still alive!

While my soul marching through heavens akin
I view my dry skin! But none does
perceive me!

Well! I cry for myself inching away the
gleaming watery Earth! But none does
heed the ear to me!