Poems by
Murty N S


a poem by Murty N S

Thank you.
Thank you for rekindling the last spec of fire
Hanging on to the tip of this ossified frame.
It acted like a shot of Decadron
To a heart losing its canorous rhythmic beat
Before relapsing into silence.
I have been smouldering for ages
Burning the spirit within me
Without a friendly aerial assistance.
I almost resigned myself to a dreary death
Caught between the cogs of
Endless opposing earthly interests.
But your breath of fresh air
Made me find my moorings.
That spray of looks,
(God! How inadequate is that expression!)
Is like a soothing breeze to a sun-tanned face
Or, should I say,
Is a summer evening shower
After a daylong singeing.

But pray! Be my friend,
Continue these favours.
In your collaboration, I rejuvenate
And renovate long abandoned
Half-done desires
To their fruitful end.
Just promise that you shall be by me.
I presently beat my fears to pulp
And recompense your infusing enthusiasm
With successes galore
And dedicate them to you
Before I meet my d-day.