Poems by
Mukta Arankalle

I’m Ready

a poem by Mukta Arankalle

I have packed my bags
I have filled them with lots of love
With dreams, with hopes
I am ready
I am waiting
For you

I have knit a lovely dream
And a sweet future I can see…
A future
Dedicated to only you and me

They say I am a little bud
Innocent, pretty, yet to blossom
They say you will come
And then I will bloom
Into a flower

They say
When you call me
I will hear music

When you look into my eyes
My heart will skip a beat

When you touch me
I will turn pink

I will then open my bags
And will fill your life with love
I am also carrying lots of smiles
And sweet surprises too…

I am going to give them all to you!
I can see it all…
I know how it will be…
I shall love you a lot…
That’s a promise from me

I am ready
I am waiting
I know where I am going to stay…

In your heart…
But I do not know the way!

I am ready
I am leaving
I am about to start a journey new
I can see my destination…
But I cannot see you!

I am ready
I am dreaming
Of blooming into a pretty flower…

But my journey of finding you
Is taking me forever…