Poems by
Mukhopadhyay D S


a poem by Mukhopadhyay D S

She came
Dressed to kill
With her enchanting smile!

As the Promethean fire
Churned them all
In the womb of Mother Earth,
They wondered:
‘Would the heat and pressure unleashed
Press her down forever
As a mere speck of burnt out carbon?’
But in the lap of Nature
She appeared
As her strongest creation,
Wearing the clear and crystallised smile-
Her special gift from God!

God loved her smile,
Shining and serene.
So He put the smile
On the lips of the twinkling stars!

Time flows on.
But her smile remains,
Unchanged and eternal,
Buried deep in my heart
Like the memory
Of the first stolen kiss!

Her smile
Moves me on.
She is the diamond
In my wedding ring!