Poems by
Mrinalini Sardar

I am fine today

a poem by Mrinalini Sardar

The world, seemed so sweet the day I was born,
After the second year I could hear the sounds of guns,
The excruciating pain in the voice of man,
The panic, the tension, the war had begun.

I am the Indian consulates child,
Pampered and protected all the while,
Best clothes, best food, I have it all.
But wait!!!

“Mom, dad!” Where are you all?
Red, yellow, orange I can see it all.
They are coming with guns and taking me away.
Why aren’t you’ll here to save me today!!

Where is the blue sky protecting me?
The sweet chirping birds I could see?
The leaves have all wilted, the sky is all black
With the sighs of all the young crushed hearts.

Don’t worry mother I’m fine today,
I’m living among the clouds, in a picturesque place,
Where roses blossom and angels play,
And I can see you from afar- everyday!