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a poem by Moushumi

Who is he knocks in my dream every night?
Who is he for whom I am ready to wait all life?
I feel beautiful when he looks at me.
I feel loved when he says- I LOVE YOU
I feel special when he touches me

The feeling is eternal, believe me
Words are less, sentences end
I don’t know as to how do I say
Only thing my lips can speak is- I LOVE YOU
I miss you

But what a pain he is in my heart
He is in virtuality
I madly wait for the day he will turn reality
Love is a feeling I can’t express
There are times when I see the moon and become depressed
I feel sad when I am unable to find his face
But I am not heart broken
For true and honest love always wins at end
Just like after every night
There is a new day to begin