Poems by
Moses H Ezekiel

True Friend

a poem by Moses H Ezekiel

HE is my true friend;
Not only true to me but true to one and all.

It only requires a pure mind and a true heart,
To make friendship with HIM.

HE is my mentor, my philosopher, my guide
HE guides me daily on the untrodden path which leads to HIM.

Daily in my morning chit chat,
I talk to HIM and HE talks to me!

It only requires attentive ears to listen to HIM,
And it requires a pure mind and clear intellect to comprehend what we hear.

Understanding HIM is not that easy, but not that difficult too;
Only we should have the strong will to understand HIM.

HE alone gives us this strong will,
When we show our interest in HIS friendship.

I remember HIM in all my daily chores,
And HE helps me to solve all the life-puzzles.

My thirst for all knowledge is quenched in HIS presence,
HIS presence alone gives me courage, strength and true happiness.

I melt my ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’ in HIM,
And HE expands my consciousness beyond the limits of time and space.

We only walk one step towards HIM
And HE walks a hundred steps towards us.

Such a true and great friend, HE is,
I try to hold HIS finger, HE holds my hand instead!