Poems by
Monu Kuttan

When my Heart Stops…

a poem by Monu Kuttan

People live in the world
As their hearts go on beating
But I live, when my heart stops
And my heart stops, when I see him;
When I think of him!
It stops when he gazes into my eyes;
It stops when he speaks to me;
And it stops when he touches me!

As the oceans of memories
Pass their cold soothing waves through me,
I remember the moment my heart stopped for the first time!
It was the loveliest moment of a cold November night
And the most precious moment of my life;
The moment he said, ‘You’re my sweetheart’,
The moment which changed my life completely!
Thanks be the almighty
My heart, which beat like
The wounded wing of a dove,
Stopped for the 1st time in its life
And rested with peace, love and comfort
It rested only for a moment
But I lived a whole life
In that single moment!

I asked my heart, why it always stops
When I see him
It didn’t know at first
But soon it realised
The reason why it stops,
Is the love for me!
Caring in the way a tiny rose bud is cared,
He loves me in all the way
A woman can ever be loved!
A love the the world has never seen
And a love, nobody has ever gained!

People want their hearts
To go on forever
But I want my heart
To stop forever because
When my heart stops, I live!