Poems by
Monica Witter

Talking about Love

a poem by Monica Witter

Trapped in a world of confusion,
but a thought of you brings peace.
Surrounded by projections of illusions and
yet my love for you would never cease.
My heart could be broken a thousand times
but for you I’d put it back together and then
pray for sunny weather,
so that our relationship could get better and better.
My repertoire has gotten a lot complicated,
since I started calling you my baby.
My heart’s no longer heavy and my eyes are no longer hazy.
That’s because you’ve freed me in all aspects…
I’ll take the tag off you,
get a little dirt on you and not worry about getting my cash back
because I don’t want to.
Not if it means losing the best thing that ever happened to me and
no I’m not talking about videos on cable TV,
I’m talking about you, us, I’m talking about love.
I’m talking about waking up in the morning
with a smile on my face and riding down the street
bumping amazing grace because you are…
I mean he did.
And a mighty good job did he.
He put leaves on trees, cars on streets,
music on beats and he outdid himself when he gave you to me.
He gave me love. I’m talking about love!