Poems by
Mohammed Shafeer A J

The Ark ancient than the Sea

a poem by Mohammed Shafeer A J

End of an Eon.
Map of the circular Time.
Pre- diluvian planet.

By the light that bleeds from the wounded head of a train in black,
The last men of another eon,
Open the Testament of life:
Reverberations of an old prophet felling gophers on his mountain.
Generations before, an age that vanished in total flood.
Upon the eon that followed,
The sun in a catastrophic eclipse:-

In the train that speeds from Revelation to Genesis,
The fishermen of Tiberias,
Black mariners…,
And the train, when its smoky windows are opened,
Lamentations of the one who cried forth unto all Judea ,*1
Wrath of God, and visions of civilizations demolished by Him,
Sodom, Gomorrah, the people of Ad, Iram and Thamud, *2
Woman petrified aghast into a pillar of salt,
Wailing of a newborn,
Its head whereupon the insignia of Evil,
Directions that howl, murmur and weep,
The revolving roars of a Hell-machine,
Warships in riot announcing the message of doom-
To all the earth’s harbours,
A priest, his witness in the altar being the corpse of a witch,
Conducting his last mass before the catastrophe:
‘A woman who drinks the blood of saints and the martyrs of Jesus,
Babylon the great,
Mother of harlots and the abominations of earth’*3

Reflecting constantly in the waters of Retina,
An evening that became something else due to repetitions.
Upon it marked its pathway heavenward a coffin,
And inside,
A corpse in his journey illimitable…
By the path of the train,
A medieval city of sundials and the compass.
A girl named La,
Embroidering onto a linen the map of the flat earth,
His body being ripped apart by the Inquisition, a stargazer,
One man in search of a place in space to stand with levers-
So as to lift the earth, *
An astronomer who locks up the planets in his-
Magic citadel of ellipses,
Viscous hours dripping from a broken waterclock,
Hours, decades and centuries yet ticking by,
Invisible lines vertical and horizontal-
That locates a man in the atlas of the Universe;
That time-bound index of space renewing itself continually-
Alongside the motions of earth and the man,
And sometimes,
A continent rendered unnavigable-
by the climbing creepers of latitudes entwining the body!!!

Beyond the mountainscapes of Time,
The land of the prophets and the flood.
Underneath the Ark,
Fishes laved pure and sinless by the absolving power of water,
Thus saved from the wrath of God.
Men ancient than centuries, subjected to the deep melancholy of death.
Corpses of Titans, afloat alike islands.
First night of the flood,
And Noah becalms the animals in terror:
A man who endured through nine centuries,
Now keeping himself sleepless with God,
Honoured and loved by adders and wild ravens…
A terrestrial station of vibrant frequencies broadcasting life abroad,
Unto an eon yet to be born!!!

The valley of clocks, in the frost of winter.
Lying drenched in the music of minute hands,
Numbers that fell in love with each other,
Protect Time.
Moments on horseback.
Chariots tethered to the prime hours of the day.
When the transparency of this night reclaimed-
By the glory of a million falling stars,
Remaining men of the last eon, rush,
Excelling the barriers of speed.
Through the perspiring divisions of earth like-
A metallic satellite,
A train in black and in smoke.
A prehistoric creature that remains in its-
Infinite infatuation with movement!!!

Unaware of the displaced directions-
In the map she wove,
The girl enters her city.
When viewed from the train, in an abandoned street,
Counting down from hundred to zero,
This girl now old of age, now a lady, an infant!!!
Like the fossil of Universe,
This white marble city of echoes;
Emitting from its rocky magnetic nodes,
Frequencies potent high,
Making men desolate, estranged than ever!!!
Like a butterfly, enters the girl,
Into the castle of zero through its portals open,
While Time unmasked at sojourn, was in her garden;
She smiles at the girl liquidly,
And gifts her with a frozen moment.
Deluge, the Ark, travellers escaping back through centuries!!!
A transparent moment,
Filled in abundance with all the luminous signs of life:
The jingles of joy that clink inside hills of termites,
The music of water-strings making the whales ecstatic,
Sky’s distances flapping their wings-
Inside the hearts of eagles,
Light that is reborn within the source of light,
A stream of light upon another, yet another again, another!!!
A sanctuary of birds protected by the nuns of dawn,
An autumn tree that nets the sparkling fish of the high-noon,
Damsels gathering the petals of sunset,
A lighthouse keeping its solitary vigil on the warships of midnight,
And, oft-reflected inside the mirrors of God,
An ancient, unreal port laden with-
Sun, citrus fruits and heaps of winter,
A bronze ship in voyage-
With the oil of love to the hearts of men,
And an ocean that lies sunken beneath undivided timezones,
Hunting relentlessly the foundations of Earth!!!

On the fortieth day of the flood,
There appears in the vision of the Ark-
A train unending and in filth.
As the sun slowly glides out of the eclipse,
The final mentions about an ancient species named Man-
Get effaced from the archives of Universe.
The train migrates into an isolated day of the flood,
A day sans past, sans future.
Enchanted by the whispers of eternity-
Shrill enough to deafen the soul,
A priest from wherein the train’s corridor,
Makes a mysterious alliance with Death.
The testament’s alphabets-
In abominable copulation,
Transforming back to the hieroglyphic –
Infancy of language.
The sky that tends to scroll in blood,
Mocking the least chances of being alive!!!

And a frantic moment prior to the end of Universe,
That to His opponent God hath granted:
When the train plunges headlong into the flood,
The Ark moves forward,
With the foliage and flowers of Life.
Resurrected inside his sepulchre-
Lies the infant with the beastly insignia!!!
And then,
Beelzebub freezes Time between the Ark and the train!!!

The sun, visible in half, entrapped in the cemetery of an eclipse.

Statuesque travellers,
In bestial gestures between Life and Death.

Frozen flood, now transformed into a continent of mirror.

The train horizontally submerged in half…
And an Ark more ancient than the Sea,
That defies the Laws of motion of this Universe.