Poems by
Michael S Edwards

Eternal Beauty Mortal Infinitum

a poem by Michael S Edwards

The viewer of an object of beauty,
will ever be more beautiful,
than the object itself.
For the viewer,
is Eternal.

The nonexistent beginning of time
extends as a panoramic view
before the eye of the Deities,
as the infinitesimally small might
appear to the scientist’s
if it were in his grasp.

The infinite Love
that covers us as a quilt
extends far beyond anything
our small minds can conceive.
As are the heaven of heavens,
for the astronomer to believe.

How can we explain the harmony of music,
to the ears of the tone deaf?
Or explain two people in love’s
strong invisible attraction?

Why can a person
forsaken for dead or dying
make an unexplainable recovery?
Though faith is stronger than belief,
both are complimented by action.

How long is one day
on the clock of infinity?
Which is longer,
past or future?

Who might we ask,
promoter of Creation or Evolution?
Perhaps ask them both.
Ask which is love or better,
nature or nurture.

Then ask them questions
such these we have pondered.
Ask them do they love their children,
and ask them why?

Ask why truth is true
and why mankind is prone to hate.
Ask why would we fight for God,
and what determines our fate?

For the object is material,
but the viewer must be eternal.
An aimless random universe
would not include so much emotion,
internal communication, resulting external.

Fear not Potential Infinitum!
Your destiny is assured!
Follow those that do good deeds.
Trust your inner voice to verify words.

Your capacity to receive forgiveness
may be limited by your fear.
Eternal Beauty, Potential Infinitum,
God’s faith in you will keep you near.