Poems by
Michael D. Robinson


a poem by Michael D. Robinson

I see you walkin’ by,
lookin’ so damn fine.
Lips, as red as and
as sweet as strawberries.
Kisses, intoxicating as
a fine wine
mixed with turpentine,
makin’ ………………. go blind.
Hips and ass,
that curve with
so much sexiness that
it walks up to me and
slaps me in the face.
Ample breast, that hang
like the forbidden exotic fruits
that mortal men kill for,
in a milk-chocolate coating
that screams
to be licked off,
while I can only
stare and drool,
like a hungry fat man does
at a dinner table,
’cause I’m unable
to grasp you,
’cause he has you
out of my reach.
But how much do I
yearn for you,
day and night?

You must be the earth,
’cause like the sunlight,
my hands yearn
to caress you
and to bring you gifts,
giving you a radiant
glow of happiness.
Like an ant,
my tongue yearns
to paint trails across
your geography,
from the rocky tops
of your mountains,
to the deepest pits
of your ravenous,
to the places where
your ignorant boyfriend
won’t go.
Like a fish,
I yearn
to swim through your
oceans and seas,
’till your volcano erupts
with your passion,
carried by one long sigh
of molten air
and is cooled by
the soft rain of
our sweat.
But how much do I
lust for your body?

I would tell you
how much I
love you for your beautiful,
soft brown eyes.
Love you for your beautiful,
bright and shining smile.
Love you for your beautiful,
soft brown skin.
Love you for your luscious,
soft red lips.
Love you for your
heart and mind,
not just your behind.
But when I try to talk,
I can’t.
‘Cause my mouth’s rusted shut
with the tears I cried
when I found out
you couldn’t be mine.
But how many ways do
I love you?