Poems by
Melisa Myers

My Best Friend Nichole Jackson

a poem by Melisa Myers

Nicky you’re like the sister I’ve never had,
And you came from neither my mom nor dad,
I consider you my blood,
And it don’t come no thicker,
Everyday I go without you girl,
I get sicker and sicker,
Together we’ve spent many sleepless nights,
Like all friends do we’ve had our little fights,
But no matter what you do I’ll never find a Friend
Like you who’s so unique and genuinely true,
You’re the kind of friend that can’t never be replaced.
I love your smile and your pretty face,
I love spending time with you
because you’re my friend and that’s what friends do.
Girl you taught me it all from A to Z.
I just can’t explain what you mean to me,
We’ve been there for each other from the very start,
But just remember our friendship will always remain in my heart!