Poems by
Mehrotra N K

Music and Noice

a poem by Mehrotra N K

On rock seated youth
in pensive mood
peeps through reflection
of water, ocean’s blue.

Riding on waves
Sea Nymph visited
white attire
foam jewellery studded.

Behind her ship on horizon
morning dawned on sky crimson
bumps ruddy disc like sun.
Flying sea birds twitter commended
Howling sea waves her visit heralded.
The gusty wind sails ship so fast
fathomless sea deep it has passed
to her kingdom, it anchors last.

Sea-weed spread turfs
like green velvet rugs.
Polyps making corals and shells.
Inky fluid octopus emitting.
Dolphin, eel, chimera whirling.

On strings of his violin
The musician harps.
Music melodious then vibrates
Crest and trough rides on waves.
In praise of Sea Nymph.
The musician harps
Majestic panorama
in ecstasy lost.

That melodious panorama
Was suddenly broken,
Shrieking noise of siren awaken.
Chimneys emitting curly smoke
Labour running to their post.
Jostling shoulders crowds on streets
Clamour, din, busses and cars seen
Pollution, noise and life running fast
The ocean’s music and solitude lost.
Heated nights in dancing halls,
Multicolor lights turned
Nights in pale dawn.
Music and dance so rapid and fast
Turned musical symphony in musical noise.

Those violins’s notes were soft and serene
Echoed and danced on ocean’s reef.
Its blue eyed love, sweet as honey
Like ocean’s bosom surges to ecstasy.