Poems by
Meghashree Rao

A Song of Two Souls and Hearts

a poem by Meghashree Rao

My soul, my heart sings a song.
A song which is never dying.
Together they dance to the
Tunes of the song which is
Never dying.

A Song Of Life which it is called,
A song of heart which it is,
A song to cherish the memories,
Which it is.
Which the soul has locked,
Forever and dances to the
Tune of the song forever.

A song that began a long time back
A long time back did it,
A Song Of Two Hearts,
A Song Of Two Souls,
Who danced to the tunes
Of love, the Song Of Love.

A Song Of Love,
Which binds two hearts,
Which binds two souls,
Which binds two bodies,
Never dies nor fades.

A Song Of Love,
Which did begin in my heart,
Which did bound me to your heart,
Together we knew we where for each other
And danced to the tune of the song.

A Song Of Love,
Together we sang and danced ,
Together we kissed our first kiss,
Together we held our hands for the first time,
Together we shared the dreams of tomorrow,
Together we lived many lives together,
Together we felt perfect,
Together we touched our souls,
For all we were for each other.
The Song Of Love we sang together.

The Song Of Love,
We sang together and
We accepted each other the way we were,
Together we suffered the pain of being away,
Together we felt a pain when we fought ,and
Often fated the world we lived in.
Together we were to be forever,
To sing Song Of Love and binding forever.

Together we were to be forever,
To sing Song Of Love and binding forever,
But their came a storm and took away the togetherness,
And the Song Of Love and soul and heart,
Became a Song Of Melancholy,
The Song of Love was lost in the midst of the worldly bindings,
The Song Of Love was failed amidst the worldly responsibilities.

The melancholy which stays
The melancholy of losing away,
But the Song Of Love,
Which reminds us of our first kiss,
Which remind us of our first embrace,
Which reminds of us our passionate love,
And which reminds me and you together
And which reminds me the promises
Of togetherness for life forever remains tuneful forever.

But one thing remains,
The remains of memories of two hearts
Who sang to the dance of love and binding,
The love that neither dies nor fades,
The love which stays until the end of us,
The love that was true but lost to the
Worldly commitments.

But love which is true remains true in the hearts of us,
But love which is true need not end in binding forever,
Love that becomes a sacrifice is purer,
Love that has no commitments sings the same song,
Love shall remain and shall remain,
Until our ends and our souls shall always

Be singing the Song Of Love no matter where Life
Takes me and him forever.

The love that bound us together,
The love that is a marriage of two souls and hearts,
The love which shall remain,
May be our love didn’t see the end (i.e.Marriage),
But a love like ours that is unique and beautiful
Our love that has sacrificed it dreams,
A love that knew that you were the one for me,
and you knew that I was the one for you,
Has sacrificed its dreams.

The Song Of Love we sang together,
Shall remain forever in our hearts my dear,
Together shall always sing the song of love,
No sour feelings felt,
No hard feelings felt,
‘B’coz love of two hearts
Never discontinues its Song Of Love,
And nor can the world take it away from us,
The Song Of Love shall remain my heart,
I shall be their for you whenever you need,
Our friendship will remain,
Our love shall remain,
No sadness left,
No more remorse felt,
Coz this is life,
I know we fought for our love,
But lost the battle,
But haven’t lost our love and trust,
That’s life it doesn’t give everything to us,
That’s life it takes away what we have
Due to several reasons,
I have no anger no pain
Coz I have your love forever,
But nor the world,
Nor anybody can take away our love,
The love that is locked in hearts forever,
Coz I know that our love
Has failed in the eyes of people,
But not the Song Of Love,
Which is still their in hearts forever,
In the hearts of us which is their until our ends.

Nor for me nor for you shall come an end of the Song Of Love,
Nor shall come the end of the Song Of Our love,
Nor shall come the end of the Song Of Our true love,
Man proposes god disposes,
But no matter what no matter
No barriers can take away our Song Of Love,
No barrier can separate our hearts,
No commitments no promises,
Coz our love is true and free and
Our and only ours forever,
But the song of love shall continue indefinitely,
I shall be their for you and you for me,
You shall be their for me and me for you
I shall remember your love forever,
Because that’s what you gave me forever.

The hearts shall sing the song of two souls
Who met and became one long back,
The love shall remain between us
And the heart shall sing the Song Of Love
The song which we sang once and
Shall sing until our ends forever,