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For the send off day

a poem by Meghanand

Today we are parting, with our hearts as heavy as lead,
And our love for the school will never fade
You may think it to be casually said,
But believe me, we will not forget the school till we are dead.

We entered the school with empty mind,
Which was later filled with knowledge, by our teachers so kind.
Well this is not a sarcastic remark,
But this is what, I for the past 12 years have marked.

At times, the teachers were rude,
But they were so, to teach us, the manners too good.
They taught us, not only our academic studies,
But also to face life’s cares and worries.

This was the place we suffered wounds,
So that we are expert players on the life’s playground.
There was our character moulded,
Into a fine vessel of virtues which by God is held.

Now you only tell, “how can we forget this few acres place,
Which in our life possesses the area of a space.
We are leaving today making our hearts as hard as stone,
But while lifting our every foot, from its divine mud,
we are shivering from the deepest bone.