Poems by
Megha Vij

My Life

a poem by Megha Vij

Going thru’ the memories of my childhood days,
I can hear a voice, I can see a face…
My childhood friend, the one who held my hand
His eyes are big and dreams within bigger,
That lust and ambition whose heights one can’t figure.

We held each other and crossed every road…
There was no tension, no distress we had to board.
We loved each other and that love was our life
There was so much love, no words can suffice.

Then came a silent wind, a hidden thunder…
And what happened then I still can’t wonder.
Is he there with me or is he there no more?
I’m drowned in the water and can see no shore.

I’m looking for that hand that held me always.
Can someone please shout, call or pray…
That certainly can’t be my destiny or my fate
But yes, I’ve lost in the darkness my love, my life, my true soulmate.

But I’ve neither lost hope nor my faith….
A day will come when I’ll get him again…
I’ll get him again…