Poems by
Matthew Adukanil

Like the rest of Mankind

a poem by Matthew Adukanil

Daily I thank my creator
He made me like the rest
With no crippling handicaps
Equipped to live life best.

He made me wonderfully whole
Fully enabled to play my role
Ears open to sweet sounds and sighs
To float and glide on music’s magic.

My eyes click nature’s loveliest hues
Feast on sumptuous works of art
I can give tongue to my inmost thoughts
Soothe hurts with honey words

My legs take me wherever I wish
To roam freely in hills or glades
My nostrils intoxicate with scents
The dowry of prettiest blooms.

Thank I God I am entire
Sans a single handicap
That I am like the rest of mankind
Like the best of the rest.