Poems by
Mathangi Venkatraman


a poem by Mathangi Venkatraman

The sky is so high,
The stars in the sky are also high
Our aims like stars are high
Before it is fulfilled
Our life says bye!
When I asked the God why,
He smiled and gave me a sigh
In to the busy road,
I saw a lady with her 2 months old baby,
Which looked like a doll Barbie…
Walking bare foot
Without a single mouth food
Rushed to a car in the signal and begged
She begged, begged, begged, begged, begged and begged
At last got a penny
I saw her eyes glittering
Her face turned charming
She went to a stall nearby
Bought a biscuit for her Barbie…
That penny was like a honey
I understood why god sighed when I asked him why
Again into my life
But this time with a perfect aim…