Poems by
Mathangi Murthy


a poem by Mathangi Murthy

Stars were glittering in the frosty sky,
The moonly crescent shimmering up in the high!

A dame, gazing at the moon, rapt
enraptured, knowing what she aspired, sat
morose, sepulchral, wanting to see that glaze,
that glint, that sheen and sparkle,
for many moons, she wanted to gaze.

She aspired for great opulence,
And knew of a thing of such significance.
It was pure carbon crystallised,
Which had her mesmerised!!

Yes, she yearned for a diamond,
and knew women yearned for it,
for years more than a thousand!!

This time it was the 60th jubilee – her diamond wedding,
and to ask for it, she knew it was a fair bidding!

And why should it not be??
After all a diamond is equivalent to a woman you see!!!

For light can pierce through it SANS difficulty,
Its transparency, not hiding its purity!!

Purity flows in a woman’s marrow
As PURE as the driven snow!
Diamond – the hardest substance known to exist
Congealed, obdurate, taut and fixed!
Like a woman is firm in her decision
And bent over precision!

For girls and women from 6 to 60, it has set a trend,
And rightly been called a woman’s BEST friend!!