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My Feelings for You

a poem by Marc

I want to be with you
I want to hold you
I want to kiss you
And most of all I want to let you know
How much I care about you
You are the girl of my dreams
So perfect in every way
I think of you everyday
I wonder if we will ever meet
If we will ever have a relationship
I love you as a friend and I
Care about you in a very special way
I know you like me, you say I’m sweet,
Kind, and a very nice guy
I think to myself every time I talk to you
I have found someone special who I care
About, and would do anything for
What I’m trying to say is my heart yearns
For your love. I want to be with you girl
I want to show you my love and most of all
I want to prove to you
That you’re more Important than anything else.

(Dedicated to my Angel Kelly.
Please be my girl.)