Poems by
Mansi Goenka

The Trap

a poem by Mansi Goenka

When days and nights fail to differ,
When a special someone means the world to you,
When life seems to be in a mess without him,
When joy runs far away from you as he walks away,
When his sadness troubles your dreams,
When his anger seems to be your fruit,
His smile being your best reward,
When words fall short to carry on long conversations,
When your heart flutters with every word he speaks,
When his eyes wound you again and again,
When you hate making any move without him…
Sooner or later You realise you are in an enchanting trap,
A trap which you can easily fall into,
But ekes out your existence if you want to escape,
With every breathe you take thereafter…
You fall deeper into that trap,
The world’s most beautiful trap,
For which even words fall short…