Poems by
Mansi Bhatia


a poem by Mansi Bhatia

(Dedicated to the love of my life, Brijesh.)

We have shared the warmth of the sun
The mist on a rainy morning
The thrills of cycling down the mountain
The walk on the beach in the silver moonlight
We have relished the aroma of home made food
The softness of our quilts
The wind blowing our hair on the swing
The feel of our bodies against each other
We have been mesmerised by a glance
A touch, a whisper, a soft caress
A peck on the cheek
A deep kiss that lasts beyond eternity
We have woken to the sounds of birds chirping
The shadows of the previous night lingering
Tea brewing in the pot
The blinds still not drawn apart
We have taken a shower together
Shared a meal, a lifetime,
Love, laughter, tears…
And seen two people become one.