Poems by
Manoj Porwal

A Beautiful Dream

a poem by Manoj Porwal

Here I am
Looking at a picture
Wondering what you and I are doing here
Why are we so alone here
But still in the midst of everything we wanted

The bold but soft mountains
Whose peaks are one with the clouds
The beautiful tall trees
Standing calm
Witnessing the silence
The lake splashing down
Breaking and carving its own path
Even the hardest rock melts down for it
Everything has got its way

I see a tree decayed and without leaves
Wondering what it is doing here
I ask her, “why are you so different
When everything around you is so perfect.”
She replies, “I am the same that you see
I am the very thing that you are
As you can fly so high, so could I
I fly without wings
I flow like a river
We are all the same
I am as much part of these, as they are”

We flew away, tracing a narrow path
Uninhabited for decades, not sure where
It reaches. I tell you, “Let’s fly, fly as much as
We can, let’s see where we reach”
We flew for days together
One rainy night, the lightning hit me
Unable to bear it, I fell to the ground

You screamed and followed me
I tell you, “We have a dream
I want you to achieve it
I could not fly that shall not stop you
You ought to fly, fly so high
Remember you are not alone
You are taking me with you
Go, for you ought to go.”

You closed your eyes and I
Saw tears rolling down like pearls
I said, “I will be there with you
For I am with you.”
And I saw as you rose to the sky
As swift as ever, struggling with
The wind and cold breeze. I pray
God to give you courage to face.
So that my prayers become armour