Poems by
Manjushaa S

Ode to a Tutor

a poem by Manjushaa S

Oft I’ve heard the saying,
“A real teacher is like a candle, she consumes herself to light others.”
I’ve always admired truly dedicated teachers,
Who are sincere, friendly and thus perfect preachers.
And who gently smile and encourage me at times of distress,
That instills in me the spark of determination to focus and impress.

I’ve seldom experienced the bond of friendship in life,
But my supportive parents and teachers have helped me face the strife.
You are one of them, I assure,
Who’s brief but memorable acquaintance I’ve been fortunate enough to procure.

Not one word here is flattery and I hope you will fondly accept
This precious little gift of my feelings, which with you must forever be kept.
I will never forget our times together as it is truly a joyous boon,
Irrespective of whether I’m by your side or on the moon!