Poems by
Mahrshi Mahakavi Krishnakumar

Beyond the horizon

a poem by Mahrshi Mahakavi Krishnakumar

Exist beyond any outline of the sky
Without any form infinite, You.
Making horizons, creating every form
Infinite forms you do fool human mind.

Kindling the thinking and binding the mind in time
Expanding space you, beyond any space
Rhythm of your pulse is breath of our pulsing
Moving you, movement, relativity

Golden fire booming from your heart beating
Blooming and sowing as waving of you
I, one ray one quanta tuned in your rhyming
Dancing in frequency of your song.

Going on, as ray and flaming a family
Loving and living we all in a joy
Relative time and space, honey, the humanly love
All we enjoy as humanly being.

(The Original is written in Malayalam by Maharshi Krishnakumar
and translated to English by Ajayaraj)