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a poem by Mahesh

This world, an arena for the fight for survival
The rich empower you with their wealth
Only for you to destroy someone below you
The fortunate survival, the lesser mortals death.

To eat and be eaten, is this what we are to be
Irrational animal like we don’t open our eyes
Lay our brains to rest and stare at defeat
But still hungry for something, earning it with a lot of lies!

And we fight and fight and fight till our last breath
Unsatisfied with the money we have in our death bed
Hoping if we had just one more chance to earn
Earn what and why, we never learn!

Money – Oh King, Lord of the human kind!!
You rule our hearts, senses and mind
Your more powerful than the strongest Gods
To win against you is betting against all odds.

Maybe there will be a time when love will rule
And money will come second in the race
Or maybe we should earn a lot of dough
And buy such a time and place!