Poems by
Madhura Dabholkar


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

His innocent face
his sweet smile
make my heart
go mad and wild.

The way he laughs
the way he talks
and when he looks at me
I am totally knocked.

My heart trembles inside
and my mind totally lost
and as we start talking
my heartbeat takes a halt.

I smile when I think of him
and miss him when he goes
I listen to all his stuff
and wish, for me they were his love woes.

I miss him when I am alone
I miss him in a crowd
I miss him every moment
with me is something wrong?

I want to run away from him
but want to be with him at the same time
and as we start talking
our conversation has a different rhyme.

Do I like him or it’s just a craze
and does he feel the same for me
I don’t care and don’t want to worry
as I enjoy these moments of bliss.