Poems by
Madhura Dabholkar


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

If breaking a heart is so unfair
then why everyday millions of them are broken???
The affliction caused is unbearable
but still the heart breaking continues for ever…

I see him far away, I know it’s an illusion of my mind
a coldness runs through my whole body
and there is calmness for a while.

Various emotions I start feeling
I stretch my hand for him
only an empty wave my palm holds
and his shadow starts disappearing.

The level of apprehension rises
and an expected uneasiness arrives
the restlessness continues endlessly
in a river of disappointment I dive.

I still stand there with a hope that
my eyes may see him coming
my ears may hear his voice
my body may feel his touch
I realize someone around
its my loneliness which surrounds.

I want to sense his breathe inside me
I want to feel his finger tips all over
I want to perceive that satisfaction
of having him immortally for ever.

My desires remain with me
and my loneliness all along
my emptiness fills the air
and the silence breaks the mourn