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a poem by Madhur

Was on a journey with three friends of mine,
their company was enjoyable and hence the journey was fine.

One of them was full of experiences,
which were good and bad.
He was associated with my memories,
of which, most of them were sad.
I could have learned a lot,
from this friend of mine.
But there were some reasons,
which didn’t allow me to cross the line.

The second friend of mine had a lot of potential.
People told me that my other two friends
were like a myth, and only he was real.
But I liked my other two friends,
more than him, I guess.
May be, that’s why I wasted his friendship,
which I thought, I’ll always possess.

My third friend was strange,
but very special to me.
People use to find him different
from what I used to see.
Every time he came near me,
one strange thing I realized,
That this is not the same person
who lived in my eyes.

After few years of experience in this journey of life,
I realized its nature.
I have to give equal importance to each of my friend
i.e. my Past, Present and Future.
Hence to fulfill your dreams
And make your future stable,
Always learn from your past,
utilize your present and make this journey memorable.