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a poem by Madhur

Today while analyzing myself I realized one thing sure.
In the moments that have passed by, I have become impure.

My innocent eyes that used to look for beauty here and there,
now have lost their innocence and finds lust and greed everywhere.

My kind hands that use to come forward to help others without caring for fame,
now hesitate to help anyone in need, gives me a hint how selfish I have became.

My beautiful heart which was in love with something called ‘Simplicity’,
has lost his love and is searching hard for that touch of purity.

My believing mind which had faith in me and hence never gave up,
has lost his belief and is dependent on situations and hence cannot develop.

With this analysis, here I am a ‘warrior’ with a situation difficult to cope.
But trust me I still possess one thing, my mentor, a fairy called ‘Hope’!