Poems by
Madhu Krishna


a poem by Madhu Krishna

There I was, in the middle of my family
Enjoying myself thoroughly, and laughing happily.

Here I am, completely alone
Waiting to hear a loved voice, on the phone.

There I was, a carefree soul
Going out with friends, my only goal.

Here I am, a jail-bird
Well on my way, to become a computer nerd.

Why is it, that you never value
The ones that are, near and dear to you?

Why do you always, leave it late
To reciprocate their love, is it fate?

Why are we seeking greatness, we motley band?
Don’t we know, we shall be blown away like sand?

Oh my dear friends!! Do not waste your life
Earning fortunes, living in tension and strife.

Don’t ask yourself – ‘Where do you want to go today?’
Tell yourself – ‘I just want to be carefree and gay.’

Please, my friends!!! Just get out of this rat race
And live your life with happiness and grace.