Poems by
Madhavi B L R

I’m in need

a poem by Madhavi B L R

I’m in need!…
Swamps of sorrow suck me in
Loneliness accompanying
In a frantic search for a consoling hand
Must I go back to the sands?
Birds in the sky,
Don’t you fly
Not just to the clouds, do talk to me.
Leaves of the trees,
Not just to the breeze
Do listen to me.
Waters of the sea,
Not just to the shore, do come to me
Oh gleaming moon
I’m in the blue
Smile at me too
Not just to the twinkling stars.
They are talking!!!
The hills to the vales
The bees to the bluebells
The rains to the fields
The buds to the dew
The earth to the hew
The peaks to the snow
Fire to the glow
The cascade to the height
The cicada to the silence
The darkness to the night
With me who’s there to take me to resilience
And pat with assurance
Hear them talk to me…
The pattering rain drops, the breaking waves
The sparkling waters smiling at me
A listening ear
I get it here
The vast sandy shores,
The calm face of the ponds,
The expanse of the meadows,
The vibrant gardens
The autumn woods
The long untrodden paths.
Tenderly luminated still nights
All the stars staring at me…
I’m not alone
I have them, can they be you?