Poems by
Mabel Annie Chacko

The Farmer

a poem by Mabel Annie Chacko

The dawn is here! I climb the hill;
The earth is young and strangely still;
A tender green is showing where
But yesterday my fields were bare…
I climb and, as I climb, I sing;
The dawn is here, and with it- spring!

My oxen stamp the ground, and they
Seem glad, with me, that soon the day
Will bring new work for us to do!
The light above is clear and blue;
And one great cloud that swirls on high,
Seems sent from earth to kiss the sky.

The dawn is here, I climb the hill;
My oxen too seem to thrill-
To feel the mystery of day.
The sun creeps out, and far away
From man-made law I worship God,
Who made the light, the cloud, the sod;
I worship smilingly, and sing!
The dawn is here, and with it – spring!