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Going Home

a poem by Lilian

How could she leave me?
How could this happen?
I was only a child;
What could I do?
Where could I go?

Whom could I confide in?
Who would take care of me the way she did?
Why did God let this happen to me?
I missed her;
I wanted to go to her.

Day after day, year after year;
I lived with no life in me,
The agony I felt without her.
No one could understand me like her.
I didn’t want to live anymore.

I could hear her calling me,
Calling me to come home.
To come home to her;
But it was always in vain;
No one let me go.

Seven years had gone by,
And I couldn’t take it anymore.
I had to go to her;
I decided I would,
But I would not leave like her;
I would tell everyone.

I bade goodbye,
And I left to see her,
To be with her till eternity.