Poems by
Lalitha Sridhar


a poem by Lalitha Sridhar

Right upto the ace in cards,
Or even as in glassy shards,
In weirdly coloured burfis (too many) people send,
But those aren’t the ones they call a girl’s best friend.

A dewdrop divine, a crystal so fine,
Moonlit waters, or a sunny cloud nine,
A tear unshed, as if on cue,
All diamonds no less, but not quite too.

Then he gave her one, unfathomable-y,
So brilliant, so bright, so unlike she,
Hot shine, warm glitter, everlasting love,
Cold fire, hard stone, none of the above.

The better your cut, the more to shine by,
I taught her that, this diamond I,
Untarnished, unmatched through life unfair,
Was always there, her Solitaire.

She never knew how alike were we,
I could be her, and she could be me,
Wrenched from the earth, shaped by rough hands,
Always adjectives, followed by ands…

Now she too is gone, left me to live on,
Set by the ring, we had to don,
Towards the forever of memory,
Unending poem, neither bound, nor free.