Poems by
Laisha Cooper


a poem by Laisha Cooper

Every day I remain poignant.
And everyday feels like any other

In my two seasons of resurgence
I have learnt everyday I am a hero.

There have been days in life when everything feels wrong
And everything I fear needs to go away
However frustrated I get,
Life has always gone on.

In my blithe I feel an un-dyeing pain
And in my tears I feel rapture.

Every moment wrapped in fiscal endeavor
And dependence on my faithful baton.
I am lost but I still see light in my every distant thought.

I believe, I am a hero.

In blackness of vision and my deafness of thought
My mind controls me

I face life everyday in silence and clear darkness,
No sense of sight – no sound of pain
Limping though, movements fighting my every stride

I go beyond black or white.
Beyond the sound of air
Yet every season, I feel different winds
And every morning, I touch the sun…

Every morning, I am a hero
Because every morning I go on.
On and on and on…