Poems by
Kyaw Kyaw

A Love-Poem of Will

a poem by Kyaw Kyaw

If you do not want,
It is up to you.
Why are you ashamed?
Love is nude.

Please be not shy,
Come near,
Let me kiss your sweet smile
And caress your love.
Let me drink your hate
A glass-full like coffee,
And our love be bridged.

Please unknot your hair
And strip off your scarf,
Then it is enough.
In this world is just you and me.
We are neo-Adam and Eve.

Please snap a while on my chest,
Then you will get sweet dreams,
You will forget all your miseries.

My touch is actual tonic for you.
When I kiss your lips,
Love flows from where.
Then slowly slowly
The tide rises,
And let us die amid the whirls.

We are just going another shore,
To the other side of Love.
Life will be lonely,
Hope will be smokey,
But we enjoy touch and care,
Come and follow me.

The heartless people will say,
They will mock at us,
But please care not.
They may scrutinize us,
But please scare not,
All the men are liars.

Not be fooled yourself with lies,
Try to liberate yourself.
Let us compose a love-song of no rhymes.
It deadly be a modern classical poem.
With a stringless guitar,
In this rubbish world,
Let us sing the songs of pain.

Some people may not understand,
But some will – who have hearts.
The majority have no heart at all.
All the pitiful creatures,
Vanity fair of God.
But we will relive them again
With our own spirit.
Then the statues will wake up,
The fossils will stand up.
Then they may hear the songs of the stars,
They may feel the language of the birds.

Oh! My Dear!
Please close up your eyes,
Let me kiss you again.
This time I will swallow up your heart
All into my belly,
So that love is digested,
And I can have the strength.
And let us create the world again,
Let Night and Day be afresh.
And the first day of a New Era is recounted.

Give way the past
Let it plunge into the dust.
No need to say “Good-Bye”,
No need to say “Good-Night”.
Nothing is omnipotent,
Even God himself.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Oh! My Love!
Even though no body reads my poem,
When I die,
Please inscribe it on my grave,
So that the people who come to bury me
Can read it and have lecture.
When you bury me,
Please burn my corpse.
In the next “Abode”,
I only want to be “ash”.