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a poem by Kohinoor

Diamonds are forever
True… for some people
Yes, it outshines all the other
Stones in the universe.

In the same vein one might say
Strength has its value
If utilised properly
But what good is it
When brutal strength brings
Shame ‘n’ dishonour to the users?

Wouldn’t it far better or indeed laudable
Winning gold medals if not diamonds
For the country in sports events
And other races round the globe
Than raping nuns and looting schools?

What good is diamonds before a swine?
Tell me… How really civilised are you…
Desecrating places of worship?
If you think diamonds will save you
You’ve got another thing coming!

As you sow so you reap!
Keep it up you’re ganna weeep
Sow the wind reap the whirlwind
Burning kids swolling the ocean!
Will you ever learn
When enough is enough?

You are doomed with all your diamonds
It’s only a matter of time
The clock is ticking away…
Meanwhile you can kiss my…!